Update November 1st


I’m finally back from Brazil where I did a long and quite interesting paid production for Volkswagen at the annual Salao d’Automovel in Sâo Paulo. It’s more of a content management/post production job than anything but again the quality and the content of the material delivered by the various content creators proved that a form of post production, mastering and/or quality control is essential.

Before Brazil we finally had finished Ann-Christine Bromms second album called “raeume” here at the nomadstudio. The album has become so much more than anticipated and expected and pride is the only word that comes to mind. Especially after hearing the excellent masters by Simon Heyworth at his wonderful Super Audio Mastering in Devon. It was a joy and inspiration to collaborate with Simon and something that may very well happen on a much more regular basis in the future.

For those who are curious – here’s a link to some previews:

Now there are some small refurbishing tasks left and then hopefully some more productions that will start this year and then carry into the next year.

You shall be updated :D